Questo test è stato ideato solo per per divertirti, ed è rivolto a studenti di livello pre-intermedio/intermedio

Per avere una idea più precisa del tuo livello di conoscenza della lingua inglese dovresti affrontare un test sui quattro skills (conversazione, lettura, scrittura e comprensione/ascolto) in un ambiente controllato. Prima di iniziare un corso con noi, vi chiederemo di affrontare un placement test che è un test di questo tipo.

  Find the word or phrase that best completes the sentence
  1 of 25 How do you ___ to Downing Street from here?
  2 of 25 Couldn't you go a little faster? I'm ___ a hurry.
  3 of 25 I haven't seen Susan ___ she married Jim last year.
  4 of 25 A: Where are they? B: They ___ their flight.
  5 of 25 We met last year at the Milan conference on crime, ___ ?
  6 of 25 We ___ us in the hotel foyer at 10 o'clock.
  7 of 25 I don't like ___ at me.
  8 of 25 She didn't tell me where ___.
  9 of 25 I can't stand ___  for people who are always late.
  10 of 25 I thought he ___ late for the meeting, and I was right.
  11 of 25 I wonder if you could ___ for a night or two?
  12 of 25 House prices haven't ___ much this year.
  13 of 25 A: ___ is this digital camera? B: It's not mine, unfortunately.
  14 of 25 We should all work ___ to save our planet. 
  15 of 25 I've made up my ___. I'm going to do it.
  16 of 25 She is worried about starting her new ___ at the BBC tomorrow.
  17 of 25 Until the new computers come we'll have to ___ the old ones.
  18 of 25 This towel looks as if it ___ before.
  19 of 25 I'm sorry you've had to wait, Sir. Now ___ see if we can solve your problem?
  20 of 25 He didn't wear his overcoat ___ the terrible weather.
  21 of 25  ___ a cheaper flight on the internet
  22 of 25 I ___ for a reply to my email for ages.
  23 of 25 By the time you've finished this English course ___ .
  24 of 25 Do you realize that this building ___ be a church?
  25 of 25 Can I pay ___ credit card?