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Taking British exams at the ACIB

Taking British examinations at the ACIB


If you want to do a distance learning course at university or professional level at a British university or educational institution and you want to sit British exams in Italy, we may be able to help you by enabling you to take them at the Association Culturale Italo Britannica.

British exams
Many British universities and institutions of further education offer distance learning courses.

The Open University, for example, offers a wide range of courses, both at first degree level and at Postgraduate level, in many disciplines, which are now accessible all over Europe.
Find out more by visiting the British Council website.

Over the years UK examining boards have accumulated a great deal of experience and know how in the design and development of exams for purposes of assessment in a large number of fields such as law, accounting and business. Many are highly specialised and they can guarantee a high quality service that is sensitive to the needs of candidates, institutions and businesses. And most importantly, their exams are recognized at international level.


  • Please note that this service is provided only at the request of the institution or examining board which offers the examination.
  • We are not, unfortunately, able to provide facilities for practical tests - this is a service for written exams only.
  • Educational institutions and examining boards have strict regulations about how examinations should be run; we make sure that these regulations are observed.
  • We receive and store the papers from the school, college, university or examining board, provide a room and an invigilator for the actual examination, and return the finished scripts to the UK by courier.

Fee payments

  • For some courses, especially distance learning courses (for example, Open University courses), the tuition fee paid by the student includes the cost of running examinations outside Britain, and the invigilation fee is paid by the college or university direct to the Associazione Culturale Italo Britannica. In this case we expect institutions to cover courier cost as well as administration.
  • For other courses the examination candidate is expected to cover local examination costs and postage. This should be clearly stated in your institution's instructions or letter concerning examination arrangements


  • Contact Susan D'Apuzzo, Centre Exams Manager Bologna, Tel. 051221249
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