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Photo of a student: the Associazione Italo Britannica is an educational and cultural organisation dedicated to the promotion of cultural relations between Italy and Britain

About us


The Associazione Italo Britannica was founded on 11 October 1958 as a cultural organisation whose principal objective was the promotion of cultural relations between Italy and Britain. To this end it worked closely with the British Council.

When the British Council closed its centre in Bologna in 1974, the Associazione continued its work on both the educational and cultural fronts. It hosted and sponsored conferences, exhibitions, and concerts and, as “The British Institute”, it offered English courses to over 1500 students annually, provided information, library services and Cambridge Examinations.

On the return of the British Council in 1990, the Association gave up its teaching operation and donated its books to the British Council and Bologna University. It continued, however, to play an important cultural role in the city, often in collaboration with the British Council.

In 1997 the statutes of the Associazione were changed and it became the Associazione Culturale Italo Britannica. However the Associazione's purposes and role remained unchanged. It continued to organise events in collaboration with Bologna University and other public and private organisations.

Now that the British Council has decided to leave us, the Associazione believes that it has a responsibility to ensure the availability of high quality English courses at prices that are affordable.

From September 2005, the Associazione Italo Britannica will be offering English courses at all levels, both for adults and young learners.

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