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The stage of the reconstructed Globe theatre on London's South Bank

Advanced Conversation with literature 2022-3


The course has been running for a number of years and gives advanced-level students with an interest in reading and literature the opportunity to read extracts from literary texts from a variety of genres and periods, as well as extracts from authentic (“real”) texts on a range of topics of contemporary cultural interest.

NO specialist knowledge of literature or other fields is required. The main emphasis is on speaking and exchanging ideas in English with reference to extracts from works of literature and other texts that focus on culture and current affairs. The group usually agrees on at least one full-length novel to be read and discussed over the whole course (last year Goodbye to Berlin by Isherwood).

While the course is not a “standard” language course, there will be some space for focus on language questions and difficulties that arise, especially concerning vocabulary and pronunciation.

In order to participate effectively, course members need a good advanced knowledge of English and they should be willing to do some reading of short extracts between lessons. Several optional books will be suggested if students wish to read in more detail.

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